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The restaurant is designed in the hunters tradition and here you can enjoy delicious meals. And take a look at the work of the taxidermists, who are latvian professional artists. The meals are prepared from wild meat, as well as other food from the forest - let's say - provided by nature. The restaurant can be reserved for banquests, large celebrations or birthday or names day parties. Here you will relax in peaceful atmosphere and forget all the worries and the everyday routines. From the window you see a beautiful view of the river and skyline. The restaurant has an excellent and friedly staff. After your day's activities and the enjoyable meals you can spend the night in the hotel and relax in one of its rooms.

Atpakaļ Krogs Tālāk

Krogs Restaurant }
Karte Map Naktsmītne Guest House
.   Address: "Aitiņlauvas"
Valgundes parish, Jelgavas county
Phone: 2 9160393
GPS: Lat: 56.8526728, Lon: 23.6008692
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