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Guest house

After the long working hours, all of us want to relax in nice place away from the daily rush. Guest house owners have tried to achieve the best for their guests. Guest house can offer eight nice rooms for two persons. Each room has an attractive design and toilet and shower. Three rooms have terraces from where you can enjoy natuŗe's beauty and the other five rooms have skylights from where you can also see more of Latvia's panorama and the river Lielupe. Of course we can accommodate more guests than the number of rooms allow and will try to provide them the same comforts as the guests in the already assigned rooms.

Atpakaļ Krogs Tālāk
Room for 2 persons, including breakfast - 45EUR
Room for 3 persons, including breakfast - 69EUR
Room for 4 persons, including breakfast - 90EUR
Seminar room, which has fifty seats.
The seminar room, which seats fifty, is charged by the hourly rate of 25EUR or
by the daily rate of 75EUR.
Krogs Restaurant }
Karte Map Naktsmītne Guest House
.   Address: "Aitiņlauvas"
Valgundes parish, Jelgavas county
Phone: 2 9160393
GPS: Lat: 56.8526728, Lon: 23.6008692
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